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"The couples that are meant to be are the ones who go through everything that's designed to tear them apart and come out even stronger."

- Unknown

All couples enter marriage deeply in love and hopeful to live happily ever after, but it often doesn’t seem to work that way. When we meet and fall in love, our hearts are open, we put our best foot forward, having nothing to lose, so it is easy. 

As we get closer, fear creeps in, we have more to lose and the dream begins to fade. The divorce rate in The United States is approximately 50% and even higher for second marriages. Most couples that remain together are unhappy. Why is this? It is because in our intimate relationships, especially once we are married, we unconsciously transfer all of our emotions about our unmet needs from our childhood onto our spouse and grow to resent them for not making it better.

When working with you, Holistic Psychotherapy helps you and your partner to understand how you have come to relate to each other based on your experience from your family of origin. All couples have a cycle of relating. We help you to identify your cycle of relating. Once it is identified it is much easier to work on resolving the problems in your marriage. We also provide you with many tools to break the negative cycle and rekindle the loving feelings you once had for each other.